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Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saw, SHARE20V, 1x2000mAh Battery

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Brushless cordless Reciprocating Saw is designed for cutting wood, plastic, metal and other similar materials. The saw is driven by a state-of-the-art "brushless" motor. This new type of motor has a longer service life, is more powerful and consumes less power than conventional carbon brush motors. The main advantage of this saw is the battery power, which allows you to take this saw with you where you need to work. accidental start protection and is equipped with an adjustable pre-oscillation that you can adjust depending on the material to be cut. For normal work, one or two 2000mAh batteries are enough, which you can quickly charge in a quick charger, for more demanding or longer work we recommend larger batteries with a capacity of 4000mAh. can be used in all types of tools of the EXTOL SHARE20V series. Thanks to Li-ion technology, the batteries can be recharged at any time without this would reduce their capacity. The Li-ion battery loses energy due to self-discharge very slowly and lasts a long time when charged and ready for use.
Main Features
  • new "brushless motor" no carbon brushes, which has a longer life, it is more efficient and has lower power consumption and provides high torque
  • Easy handle adjustment
  • system for fast and tool-free saw blade change
  • anti-vibration rubber grip
  • if you want to cut upwards, you can rotate the saw blade 180 °
  • the battery has a charge indicator and can be used in all types of EXTOL SHARE20V tools
Technical Specifications

battery: 20V Li-ion

battery capacity: 2000mAh

oscillations: 0-3000/min

stroke: 25,4mm

max. cutting of wood: 150mm

max. steel cutting: 5mm

max. aluminum cutting: 25mm

battery charging approx: 55min

weight (including battery): 2,5kg

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