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Cordless Angle Grinder SHARE20V, 1x2000mAh Battery

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Lightweight and powerful cordless angle grinder designed for smaller grinding and cutting work. Its body is ergonomically shaped to be easy to hold while working and the rubberized handle dampens vibrations. The main advantage of this grinder is the battery-powered drive, which allows you to take this grinder with you where you need to work with it, regardless of whether there is mains power available. The grinder has a safety lock against accidental starting and is equipped with a "soft start" system, which starts the grinder without jerking, thus saving not only your joints, but also the gears in the grinder. For normal work, one or two 2000mAh batteries are enough, which you can quickly charge in a quick charger, for more demanding or longer work, we recommend larger batteries with a capacity of 4000mAh. The battery can be used in all types of tools of the EXTOL SHARE20V series. Thanks to the Li-ion technology used, it can be recharged at any time without reducing its capacity. The Li-ion battery loses energy due to self-discharge very slowly and lasts a long time when charged and ready for use.
Main Features
  • the safety lock prevents the grinder from being switched on accidentally
  • soft start
  • narrow body and rubberized handle dampens vibrations
  • the key to loosen the disc is stored in the handle
  • the battery has a charge indicator and can be used in all types of EXTOL SHARE20V tools
Technical Specifications

battery: 20V Li-ion

battery capacity: 2000mAh

wheel diameter: 115mm

spindle thread: M14

battery charging approx: 55min

thread of the handle: M8

weight (including battery): 2kg

speed: 8000/min

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