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Riveting with ease

Watch a new video that shows the benefits and tricks for working with Fortum riveting adaptors.

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The Czech Republic-based producer of engines, power generators and petrol pumps. Benefiting from years of experience in the demanding Czech and European markets, HERON develops and distributes products of excellent reliable, high performance and outstanding user satisfaction.

Some of the best in the business.

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Renowned manufacturer of high-end tools with 2 decades of experience. All tools are made from top-quality materials, expertly engineered and utilize the latest technologies. Before we offer any tools to you they must first pass multiple rigorous tests and meet our high standards of quality and reliability. This results in tools reliable in any conditions and that work as hard as you do. Additionally, many of these tool employ clever patented features that can make even the most unpleasant job, enjoyable.

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Developed under strict design and technology standards by professionals from the Czech Republic, Extol provides tools for the demanding at an affordable price. Targeting frequent DIY enthusiasts as well as professional craftsmen, Extol delivers a level of quality previously reserved for professional brands.

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Best of their kind

We are bringing you pedigree quality tools, proven by tradesmen and professionals through decades of scrutiny and real-life work. We not only sell these tools, we use them!

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Better than market price

Due to our close partnership with a major Europe-based tool distributor, we are able to offer the Kiwi market high-end gear at exceptional prices.

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We won't let you down

We have full trust in our tools. But sometimes things happen, no worries though. We back what we sell. Technical support, spare parts... Personal service, come what may.