Heron generator in actioni

User's Manuals

115mm Diamond Cutting Disc, Dry type, 115mm OD, 22.2mm ID, 2mm thk
Diamond Segment Cutting Disc, Dry Type, 125mm Dia. 22.2mm ID, 2mm thk
Diamond Cutting Disc, Wet Type, 115mm Dia. 22.2mm ID, 2mm thk
Diamond Cutting Disc Wet Type, 125mm Dia. 22.2mm ID, 2mm thk
Diamond Cutting Disc, Dry Type, Segmented, 115mm Dia, 22.2mm ID, 2mm thick
Diamond Cutting Disc, Dry Type, Segmented, 125mm Dia. 22.2mm ID, 2mm thick
Diamond Cutting Disc, Dry Type, Segmented, 230mm Dia. 22.2mm ID, 8mm thick
Glue Gun with flower print, 40W
Hand Riveter, 200mm Handle
Hand Rivnut Pliers, 200mm handle, M3-M6 Rivnuts
Rivnut Installation Tool with quick nut release, M3-M12, 390mm
Blind Rivet Adapter for rivets 2,4-3,2-4,0-4,8mm, CrMoV, for blind rivets 2.4-4.8 mm
threaded mandrel M12 (for Adapter 4770664), M12
Blind Rivet Drill Adapter TB7, CrMoV, For rivets 2.4-6.4 mm
Rivnut Adapter GM12, CrMoV, for rivnuts M3-M12
2-in-1 COMBO Drill Rivet Adapter, Rivnut and Blind Rivets, For Rivnuts M3-M12, Rivets 2.4-6.4mm
Cutting wheel for Tile Cutter Size: dia.22x6x6mm, SK
Cutting Wheel For Tile Cutters, SK
laser device for 4770840/41/42 tile cutters, aditional (including 2 screws and 2x1,5V AAA bat.)
Professional Tile Cutter 1000mm , Steel Base-plate with side ruler, Oil Pump-tank
Fortum clamps in action

General questions

There were no instructions for use included in the packaging, what do I do?

The packaging of the goods we supply includes instructions for use. However in the unlikly event that the instructions are missing, you can write to madalbal@madalbal.co.nz and we will provide the instructions for you as soon as possible.

Is a modified power cord or a damaged cord a reason for refusing warranty service?

The warranty conditions state that the right to warranty repair expires if the product has been tampered with by an unauthorized service personal during the warranty period. Technically the tool has been modified by the owner or the user has been careless and damaged the product.

Can I have a damaged machine repaired in person?

Unfortunately our service centre is not open to the public , the tool needs to be returned in accordance with the instructions in the Serivce section of this website

Do I have to send the accessories with the machine when I send it for repair?

If the warranty conditions state that it is necessary to send the machine, including accessories, in the event of a claim, then it is essential to comply with this. Detailed information is given in the warranty conditions stated in the instructions for use of the tool.

Is there a flat rate for repair?

No, but in the case of a warranty, the repair is of course free of charge. When the repair is outside the warranty: • You have the option to give "consent to the repair in advance". In the repair request (on the fault form), you specify the maximum repair price that you are willing to accept. If the repair costs are lower, we will carry out the repair immediately. The repair invoice will provide a transparent overview of repair costs. If the cost of the repair is higher than the maximum repair price set by you, you will be provided with a preliminary cost estimate.

What are the warranty conditions for privately used tools / devices?

The warranty for new items is 24 months for private individuals. Detailed information is given in the current warranty conditions stated in the manual for the tool.

What are the warranty conditions for professionally used tools / devices?

The warranty for new items is 24 months for legal entities(companies). Customers also receive a warranty on repaired tools. Detailed information is given in the current warranty conditions stated in the instructions for use of the tool.

Can I get a loan tool during the repair?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer loan tools.

My tool has broken down and I would like to get it fixed on site. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Will I pay the freight for the repair of an item?

If the fault is found to be covered under warrenty the shipping costs will be covered by Madal Bal NZ. If the fault is outside of warrenty the shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

How long does it take to process a fault request?

It always depends on the nature of the defect, the availability of spare parts and the workload of the service. The goal is 30 days from the reciept of the fault form, but in most cases it is processed much faster by service center.

Where can I send tools for repair after the warranty expires?

Non warrenty items can be processed through our service centre in the same fashion as warrenty items. However it is important that the section of the Fault Form relating to maximum authorised repair price is completed in these cases.

How do I make a warranty claim?

See the service section of our website for all the information required to make a warrrenty claim.

Do I need a confirmed warranty card for a complaint?

A completed warranty card is not necessary however proof of purcahse from an authorised seller is required. Without this no warrenty is offered.

What is warranty period for EXTOL tools?

Madal Bal NZ provides a 24-month warranty on newly purchased Extol power tools from the date of sale.

I do not have a warranty card - how do I get one?

Email madalbal@madalbal.co.nz and request one.

How to buy Extol tools?

Where are Extol/Fortum tools sold?

You can buy Extol and Fortum tools in hardware stores and tool stores throughout New Zealand. They are also available on the Products page of this website. Also you can find them on Trademe.

Spare parts

What is the difference between a spare part and an accessory?

Spare parts are spare parts which are an integral part of a power tool. These are components without which the tool cannot be operated. Spare parts are, for example: timing belts, screws, calipers, carbons, etc. The accessories add to the functions of the tool, there are also accessories that allow the tool to function normally. Accessories include, for example, a saw blade, a case, an additional handle, sandpaper, drills, etc.

Where can I buy spare parts for EXTOL power tools?

At this time spare parts can be purchased from the shop where you purchased your tool or contact Madal Bal NZ (madalbal@madalbal.co.nz)

Where can I buy spare parts for older models?

Please contact us directly on madalbal@madlabal.co.nz

How do I find the right spare part for an electric machine?

Have the item number of the tool or its trade name ready. In the spare parts catalog (service documentation tab) at www.bandservis.cz/extol you will find all the product drawings of our tools. Here you can very easily find the required spare part. Once you have found the right spare part, email this number to madalbal@madalbal.co.nz and we will sort it out for you.

What should I do if I want to send the ordered spare part back?

If you find damage to the package when the spare part arrives, refuse acceptance or write a claim report on the damage with the shipper. When unpacking the goods, If you discover an obvious defect with the part or have ordered the wrong spare part , please inform us as soon as possible (within 3 days at the latest) before sending back Contact us at: madalbal@madalbal.co.nz

How can I cancel my order?

Orders are processed immediately and order cancellation is only possible until the time of dispatch. This may only take a day after placing your order. You can cancel by agreement with the service center contact them on madalbal@madalbal.co.nz

Is it possible to inspect the ordered goods before taking them over from the carrier, or even to test them?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, so it is important that the customer always checks the integrity and security of the packaging before accepting and paying for the shipment.

Is it possible to arrange an exact delivery time?

This is not the responsibility of Madal Bal NZ. Any specific delivery times and dates need to arranged with the carrier. Madal Bal NZ will provide a shipping informationto the customer at the time of dispatch. The customer can contact the shipping company to arrange delivery details.

Using the tools

What is the purpose of the stand for the 8899001 hot melt gun?

If you do not place the gun in the stand when you are not using and leave it lying on the table, the molten glue will flow into the parts of the gun that are not heated and harden there. Reheating will not melt this glue and the gun will not work. Complaints about this defect are not covered by warranty.

I have an Extol Premium demolition hammer and the counterclock wise is significantly slower than the clockwise. Is this a defect?

This is not a malfunction. This is part of the design. It is designed such that the counterclockwise speed is lower, which is done because this direction primarily to pull the drill out of the hole not to drill.

Disposal of used goods

What to do with worn-out Madal Bal products?

If you decide to dispose of worn-out EXTOL/FORTUM machines, you can return them to our distribution centre where we will recycle them. Contact us on madalbal@madalbal.co.nz